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The Champaign Unit 4 annual report is available for your perusal

You can now access the Champaign Unit 4 school district’s annual report via their website. It’s available in English, French, and Spanish. Print copies will be available in libraries and community centers, and they can be requested by contacting the district’s communications department: (217-531-0255) or email at 

This is the first year they’ve shifted to primarly electronic delivery, in an effort to significantly reduce the cost of production, as well as moving to a medium where readers click through links to find more information.

The report focuses on these three areas, according to the Unit 4 website:

  • The opening section addresses enrollment growth in Unit 4 and some of the District’s current initiatives including the strategic planning process that will be completed by late spring 2020, and the redesign of the District’s website that will go live in July of 2020.
  • The “Building for the Future” section highlights the renovation and new construction projects that were approved by Unit 4 voters in 2016. These improvements will modernize our facilities and provide improved learning opportunities for our students.
  • The “Education Equity Excellence” section features examples of the District’s strong commitment to academic achievement for all students. This includes fostering a culture of high expectations for all students, focusing efforts to close the achievement gap, and supporting efforts to address disparities in student discipline.

Top image from Champaign Unit 4 website. 

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