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Sushi Kame is moving to 39 E. Green Street May 30th

Japanese restaurant Sushi Kame will be moving to 39 E. Green Street on May 30th, according to the signage posted in the front window of their current location at 132 W. Church Street in Champaign. The restaurant was available to purchase earlier this year, though that is no longer the case, as they are moving the location to the same plaza on Green Street where D.P. Dough and a few other businesses exist. 

39 E. Green Street is where Korean restuarant K Bowl currently exists, and while we can’t confirm this as fact, it appears that Sushi Kame will be taking over the space, though that remains unconfirmed. What we can confirm is that these signs in Sushi Kame’s window in their Downtown Champaign location indcates that will be their new location.

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IMAGE: Window with signage reading We're Moving May 30th to 39 E. Green Street. Photo by Patrick Singer.
Photo by Patrick Singer.

Top image by Patrick Singer.

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