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Sun Kil Moon mentions Champaign in new Universal Themes track

Mark Kozelek’s project Sun Kil Moon drops a new record tomorrow called Universal Themes, a follow up to the spectacular Benji from 2014. That’s the album art right there.

Kozelek spent some time in Champaign-Urbana last year as he performed during The Pygmalion Festival, sharing a bill with Panda Bear at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Kozelek & co. shared the new record today, streaming on his website a day early of the official release. After first listen, Champaign gets a mention in one of the tracks on the new record, “Little Rascals”. Check it out here (track 5), and the lyrics below (the mention comes at the beginning of the song): 

Sittin’ on the wings of a 747 airplane

Just got back from Newtown, Connecticut, Cincinnati, and Champaign

It was nice hangin’ out in those cities with some of my friends

Get up on stage and play beautiful music with them

Here’s my article and interview with Kozelek which previewed the Pygmalion Festival performance. I’m selfish, I realize — but it’s another opportunity to read about Kozelek and his feud with the War on Drugs last year. It is still funny.

Thanks to John Steinbacher for the tip.

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