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Suburban Express posts racist story about U of I grad student

This just came across our radar via a Reddit post, but Suburban Express has posted an extremely offensive and racist story about a U of I graduate student on their website. As of this post, you can still see it for yourself, but we’ve grabbed a screen shot of it, and copied the text and photo below.

One question for you, Suburban Express: What the hell are you thinking? “go back to your country and stay there”?


[REDACTED] University of Illinois Graduate Student in Engineering

[REDACTED] seems to be having trouble coping with the USA. He’s taken to Yelp to share his bizarre theories regarding Suburban Express. When we tried to communicate with him, we found that he has blocked us from communicating with him via Yelp. It’s hard to address a reviewer’s concerns when he puts his fingers in his ears and hums.

He responded to contact attempts by revealing personal information in his review of Suburban Express. When he didn’t like our response to his idiotic behavior, he went whining to Yelp.

All we can say is, WHAT A LITTLE WEASEL. If you’re thinking of hiring [REDACTED], we’d recommend that you think again.

[REDACTED], please go back to your country and stay there. We have enough whiners in this country already.

Some bits of information from the web and other sources:

Email Address: [REDACTED] from Google
Phone Number:  [REDACTED]

[REDACTED] just loves to hear himself talk. He actually reviewed a gas station:

Super Pantry
Gas & Service Stations
810 W Green St
Urbana, IL 61801
Share review
2.0 star rating 9/19/2014
First to Review
Careless and impolite employees.

Someone needs to explain to this little dork that careless and rude are the defining characteristics of virtually every gas station attendant – partly due to having to deal with people like [REDACTED], no doubt.

The above is purely our opinion.

Editor’s note: We’ve redacted personal information from the original post, which can be seen linked above.

UPDATE: 2:30 p.m.: By looking into this a little bit more, Suburban Express owner Dennis Toeppen has a history of online harassment. We’re not certain this is him posting this information or not, but you can check out more on his history here and here.

UPDATE: 7:25 p.m.: Suburban Express has several pages now dedicated to “respond to some detractors” — which you can check out here. They have since removed some of the information that we posted initially (above), though there are plenty of other responses that you can read for yourself that now exist on their site. If they get removed, we’ll do our best to update the information for you to read here on SP.

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