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Stories & Beer presents: The Out of Towners

Hey Chambana. It sure has been a while since we’ve gotten together and listened to some folks read from their literary doggerals, hasn’t it? Well, now that the time has changed, putting us all at risk of entering a mind-crumpling bout with seasonal depression, we thought we’d do something nice and put together a bonus reading series that we’re calling The Out of Towners. Read on for the deets:

What: A very special reading brought to you by the S&B crew featuring a bunch of badass writers from SIU Carbondale.

When: This Saturday from 5ish-8ish.

Where: Indi Go Gallery

Why: So we can drink some Natty Light while listening to some badass readings…and then, after a few more Natty Lights, akwardly introduce ourselves to the readers in an effort to get their phone numbers/reminice about that one time we visted Carbondale and got totally BTFO at Gatsby’s and then somehow ended up in the basement of a house party holding hands with a strange looking white guy with dreadlocks singing American Pie at the top of our lungs.

How: Through the power of Natty Light. Or if you prefer beverages of a “higher quality,” feel free to bring them too.

Who: You, of course, but also:

  • Jenny Flack
  • Austin Kodra
  • Joshua Bontrager
  • Shawn Mitchell
  • Nick Ostdick

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