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Stories & Beer hits Downtown Champaign this Saturday

Stories & Beer | Quality| Downtown Champaign | Saturday | 3 p.m. | FREE! 

Question: What are you doing this Saturday at 3:00 p.m.?

Answer: You’re coming to Stories & Beer at Quality in Downtown Champaign so you can see local, university affiliated, and visiting writers read from their wonderful work. And also so you can drink beer. Or whiskey. Or whatever. Seriously. It’s going to be fun — mostly because of the drinking, but also because these badasses will be reading:

Scott Ricketts is a writer who rarely writes, and is currently working on a novel that will likely never be finished. He would like to get a dog, but is afraid of the commitment. He can be most often found teaching composition in the basement of the English Building at the U of I.

Hanna Ahn is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois. Her interests are: mysteries of the universe, cataloging and classification, sensory disorders, and savory snacks. Her favorite narratives explore the possibility of time travel. She is a Sagittarius.

Natalie Mesnard spends her time doing a large number of un-ironic things, which you would not find hilarious.

Dan Rosenberg grew up right by the Walt Whitman Mall on Long Island. They had to move some of the Whitman family farm buildings out of the way to make room for the mall, because priorities. He has traveled here from Athens, Georgia, where he is notably Jewish. Dan has never been romantically involved with a CPR dummy, no matter what you’ve heard or are about to hear.

Adam Watkins now lives in Lafayette, Indiana, otherwise known as the industrial wasteland Axl Rose left in his wake. He is an alum of U of I, where he spent more time slicing gyros at Zorbas and drinking than he did working toward his now worthless BA in Finance. His parents still blame the lack of helmet safety in the 80s for his inability to make good life choices.

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