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State Representative Carol Ammons endorses Bernie Sanders

Following a rousing speech at last weekend’s Bernie Sanders rally, State Rep. Carol Ammons has thrown her full support behind the Democratic candidate from Vermont. Find the full info in the press release below:

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State Representative Carol Ammons endorses Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders


Carol Ammons, Democratic State Representative (103rd District) formally endorses Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

“I am proud to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. I support Senator Sanders’ platform of making healthcare and public colleges and universities affordable, rebuilding our infrastructure, achieving pay equity for women, reforming the criminal justice system, and getting big money out of politics.”

“Two years ago during my first campaign for State Representative, a broad coalition of progressive volunteers from Champaign­Urbana showed how we the people can bring a political revolution to those we choose to represent us. I see that same energy around Senator Sanders campaign. I am especially encouraged by the young people that his message has brought into our political process.”

This past Saturday, Representative Ammons had the opportunity to introduce Senator Sanders to a crowd of 4,000 inside the ARC, at the University of Illinois (quotes from her speech below).

On February 26, 2016 she also spoke at his rally at Chicago State University in Chicago to a crowd of 6,000 students and community members.

“As the State Representative of a district that includes both the University of Illinois and Parkland College, Senator Sanders’ message about the affordability of higher education is especially important to my constituents. Here in Illinois, over the past year we have experienced first­hand the devastating impact of what happens when a state government does not prioritize higher education funding and support. On Tuesday, we have the opportunity to go to the ballot box and vote for a candidate who will lead the way in investing in our future generation of leaders. I urge all voters to go to the polls Tuesday, and to remember to vote for the entire ticket.”

Representative Ammons’ husband, Urbana Alderman Aaron Ammons is on the ballot as a delegate for Senator Sanders.

While Representative Ammons has decided to endorse in the Presidential primary race, she has chosen to not endorse in any of the local Democratic primary races. Those races include people that have been strong supporters of her campaign and she appreciates their support and willingness to serve their community as an elected official.

For Election Day tomorrow, Representative Ammons will be voting at her polling place at 6am, visiting various polling locations in the 103rd district and hosting a radio remote with multiple candidates on the Democratic Primary ballot tomorrow.

Representative Ammons’ quotes from speech at Sanders rally on 3/12/2016:

“Brothers and Sisters, I know the power of words… The naysayers and skeptics continue to callSenator Sanders’ policy initiatives “radical.” We need more humane policies in this nation; soyes, we need a radical thinker ­ in the way that we needed a radical thinker like Dr. Martin L.King. Like a Rosa Parks, who was considered radical in her day. Like a Mother Jones, who was pegged as radical for believing that workers should have theright to organize, to bargain collectively for fair wages, and the right to demand safe working conditions.”

“Before I go, I want to say something about Bernie’s class, dignity and integrity. Our candidate,the next President of the United States, teaches love. He promotes justice. He offers solutions.He challenges all people, of all walks of life, to come together to bring about the changes we allknow we need!”

Photo by Justine Bursoni.

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