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Spend happy hours with live music at Houlihan’s

When most people think of perfect combinations, they probably think of the typical combos: peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper (and Salt-N-Pepa), bacon and eggs, and so on. And hey, that’s perfectly reasonable. Those things are all great combinations of things that belong together. But they belong together with something else. PB&J ceases to exist without bread. Salt and pepper are worthless without something to put them on. Salt-N-Pepa are nothing without Spinderella on the decks. Bacon and eggs probably can survive on their own, but aren’t they BETTER when enhanced by pancakes or toast? Yes they are.

So while the weather is getting nicer and happy hours are getting happier, we’re coming upon one of the most beautiful combinations in the world — happy hours and patio season. There’s plenty of places to enjoy your happy hour in Champaign. This city is not lacking in places to imbibe and relax after a day at work.

With that said, sitting outside and having a drink afterwork is like PB&J without the bread. It’s good, the combo is good, but it needs that something extra. That something extra that puts an outdoor happy hour over the top is live music. There’s nothing more summer-y than enjoying your beverage outdoors in good company with a band serenading you throughout the early evening.

Houlihan’s understands this perfect combination and once again will be hosting their Patio Play shows throughout the summer. Starting this week, each Friday during the summer, Houlihan’s at the iHotel will play host to local musicians on their patio. You can check out the full schedule below and set your calendar for when you want to have that perfect happy hour experience of great weather, drinks, and live music.

Date             Group
May 21          Katie Flynn
May 28          Whiskey Fingers
June 4           Dody and Frazier
June 11         George Turner Trio
June 18         Mike Ingram and Brandon T. Washington
June 25         Sam Gingher
July 2            Nickle & Dime Band
July 9            WJCM
July 16          Andy Moreillon
July 23          Mike Miller and Dyke Corson/Boat Drunks
July 30          Catching Hickory
August 6       Live Jukebox
August 13     Jazz Clarinet Revival
August 20     Jake Tatar and Andy Gaines
August 27     Rick Kubetz and Terry Bush
September 3  Samba Soul Band

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