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Single Player announces Winter tour

One of the best things about Champaign-Urbana’s music scene is that so many bands around town are not complacent with just being “local.” Sure, these bands play all of the local venues, have local fans, and most importantly, adore the local scene themselves, but they also think outside of Champaign-Urbana, and spread our town’s scene all across the country. It’s so encouraging to see so many ambitious bands in one place, and is part of the reason why the local scene thrives so well.

Today, Single Player is a perfect example of that, as they have just announced their two-week long Winter tour which includes stops all over the Midwest. If you find yourself outside of C-U over the holiday, I would strongly suggest checking the schedule above to see if your paths will intersect with Single Player’s, one of my personal favorites in C-U. Find the full tour listing in the picture above.

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