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Seven random things you can purchase at The Idea Store: Easter basket edition

Easter is just around the corner, and even if you aren’t a person who observes the whole religious aspect of the holiday, you might still be a person who enjoys some Cadbury Creme Eggs and doing the whole Easter basket/egg hunt/bunny thing. I personally have always been a touch creeped out by the thought of a giant bunny entering the house to hide things, or having my kids sit on the lap of said giant bunny, so we kind of left that part out and stuck with the eggs and baskets. 

If you’re looking for some unique items to fill your child’s (or someone else’s child’s) Easter basket this year, The Idea Store has you covered. Sure you could just load it up with candy and brand new toys, but why be basic and boring. Maybe this year, you can think outside the box. 

They for sure have your basics covered:

Get your plastic eggs here too (shown above). Seriously. Don’t go buy more plastic. Reuse!

And now a few items to fill those baskets:

1. Those plastic bubble toys that you used to beg for in the grocery store

These little treasures were always placed right at the exit, where maybe mom still had her wallet out and would give you 50 cents to put in the machine. Now they are all right here for the taking…for just 25 cents!

2. Creepy eyeglasses

3. Fortunes without the cookies

Give your kids some wisdom for their lives, as well as reading practice, without the hassle of crumbs and half eaten cookies.

4. Mark Twain finger puppet and magnet

5. Pringles can warmer

Because it really sucks to be stuck with cold Pringles.

6. Doll faces

7. Metal tab thing that you see outside of exam rooms at doctors’ offices

Kids like to pretend, right?

In all seriousness, even if the above items are a bit too far outside the box (or basket) for you, The Idea Store does have a bunch of toys, puzzles, educational items, craft supplies, etc. that are perfectly normal items, to put in an Easter basket. You can be kind to the environment, save a little cash, giving you more to build up your secret stash of Starburst jelly beans.

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