Smile Politely

Scotty’s Brewhouse has so many TVs you guys

Please be certain: this is not a qualifying statement — there is no judgment implied, merely statement of fact — but this is by far the highest number of televisions I have ever seen in one space. 

All of the sportsball is here. If you turn your head to the corner, you can sometimes see four, maybe five, layers of TVs. 

Also be advised, for those citizens keeping track, there are several photos on the wall of the Chief. In contrast, about every third dish name on the menu references Hoosiers (because the chain started in Indiana, but still). 

I’ll leave the food qualification to my betters, but these things jumped out at me during my lunchtime spent there. 

Also, my waitress was not yet 21, but brought me my bill in the contraption pictured below. My dining companion resisted the urge to ask if she knew what it was. 

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