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Scallions, fennel, kohlrabi, and more: The Land Connection shows fun veggie tips

The Land Connection just posted a series of helpful vegetable prep videos on Instagram called Taidghin Teaches. In these videos, Taidghin O’Brien shares how to cut and store bok choy, butternut squash, celery, eggplant, fennel, kohlrabi, mushrooms, scallions, and spinach.

Screen capture of The Land Connection’s Instagram video.

O’Brien’s voice is so calming, and his advice is legit. He demonstrates how to cut each vegetable while giving information about the veggie and how to prep it for different dishes. There’s all kinds of tips like “Slaws are the great equalizer of vegetables,” in the scallion video, and in the bok choy one, he offers two ways to cook it on the grill. 

Screen capture of The Land Connection’s Instagram feed.

The Land Connection also organizes the Winter Farmers’ Market, the Tuesday Champaign Farmers’ Market, and the annual Artisan Cup & Fork event

Check out all the videos here.

Top image provided by The Land Connection.

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