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Sandman Slimm, formerly Truth AKA Trouble, releases new EP beautiful chaos

Dontiel Allison has a new name for his rap project: Sandman Slimm. You might recognize Allison, as he’s been in the scene for quite some time releasing music as Truth AKA Trouble. Plus, there’s his collaboration with Chase Baby as Trouble Chasin’ to refer to as well if you want to check out his previous work.

Sandman Slimm’s new EP, beautiful chaos, is a 16 minute release that you can stream now on your platform of choice. I’ve embedded it here via Bandcamp, but head over to the LinkTree page to steram where you wanna stream.

Sandman Slimm's album art for beautiful chaos, a predominantly pink background and an illustration in the center.
Album art from Sandman Slimm’s Bandcamp.

Top image by Sandman Slimm.

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