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Rodney Davis is exhaustingly predictable

IL-13 Representative Rodney Davis has yet to make a statement about Trump losing the election and Biden winning the election. He’s one of three Illinois dummies who haven’t commented on the election, despite reality, which is that the Biden-Harris ticket defeated the Trump-Pence ticket, and despite the outgoing Trump adminstration doing everything in their corrupt and incompetent power to set fire to democracy on their way out the door.

Meanwhile, Davis has had time to call for Illinois State House of Representatives member Mike Madigan to resign amid allegations of corruption. Aren’t there more important things to worry about, sir? A global pandemic and economic crisis, perhaps? Maybe assuring your constituents that you’re in favor of upholding the Constitution and democratic norms?

Speaker Mike Madigan must resign from public office immediately. Illinois Democrats like Governor JB Pritzker have…

Posted by Rep. Rodney Davis on Thursday, November 19, 2020

Sadly, Davis was re-elected two weeks ago, and we will all have to suffer another two years of his willful apathy and destruction. Lest you forget: Davis is a lazy and petulant man, who shirks his responsibilites, regularly votes against the interests of his constitutents, and blames women for whatever havoc he and his kind have wreaked for years decades centuries; like most Trump-loving morons, he is stuck in the past. He refuses to engage with things that challenge him or the talking points he receives from the GOP, calling all debate and disagreement vitriolic rhetoric. He also likes to seem like he is helping his constituents, but it’s the women who work in his office who are doing the work, as his Constituent Service Spotlights regularly highlight:

I’m here to serve you. This #ConstituentServiceSpotlight is another example of how my office and I can help. Reach out if we can ever be of assistance:

Posted by Rep. Rodney Davis on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Given that Davis was an honorary member of Trump’s re-election campaign and, you know, he seems to strongly dislike women, I’m not surprised he has neither acknowledged nor congratulated Biden and Harris on their historic win.

Please continue to send him letters full of “vitriolic rhetoric,” where the women who work for him will respond on his behalf.

Top image from Rodney Davis’ website.

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