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R’n’R DJs of yesteryear

We’ve got some mighty fine rock and roll DJs in town right now. Matter of fact, most of the DJs at Mike & Molly’s on a given night are worth the one-dollar cover and then some. Back in the day — okay, really just five or so years ago — you could hear some splendid rock tunes, too. Check these local DJ sets circa 2003.

The Noiseboy @ Mike & Molly’s (the night after Johnny Cash died)
DJ PBR @ Cowboy Monkey (hmmm … who is this PBR fellow?)
Lyle the Electrician @ Cowboy Monkey (the legend!)
2ON2OUT @ Barfly (Mr. Fein and Ms. Stewart)
NOX @ The Highdive (goth/industrial/electro/etc.)

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