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RIP Terry Masar of Nature’s Table, and so much more…

There’s not much information out there, but I learned this morning that Terry Masar has passed away.

On a personal note, Terry represented Urbana so well, as a venue owner in Nature’s Table — the last true jazz and blues club that C-U had all to its own — and then again as a restaurateur, at Sweet Betsy’s.

He was a wonderful man, and a great friend to myself, my family and so many, many others. He leaves behind a wondeful family, with so much talent, one could compare them to the Royal Tenenbaums.

And goddamnit if he didn’t make the best cinnamon rolls and sandwiches in town for a very long time; I’d do anything for one of his massive Gondolette hoagies right now.

In 2007, Paul Young did a small feature on him for Smile Politely when he was running the deli at Sunsinger Wine and Spirits.

Our best wishes go out to the Masar family. He brought to life so many people, and his legacy will live on, for years and years to come.

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