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Rally for low wage workers takes place at Neil and Kirby

This afternoon SEIU Local 73 helped organize a rally for low wage workers in Illinois. The rally took place outside of the McDonald’s at the corner of Neil St. and Kirby Ave. 

Ricky Baldwin of SEIU Local 73 mentioned that today was a “national day of action.” The initiative included fast food workers but has gone further to other low wage employees.

“15 dollars an hour and a union, some safety stuff along the way as well is what we’re raising awareness for,” he said. “We’re not really looking for legislation with this type of rally, of course legislation for 15 dollars an hour would be great. But we’re just looking to raise awareness to local businesses. We’re even looking for higher wages for adjunct professors.”

There was about 30 people there when we covered the event and you can take a look at some of the signs and faces fighting for a noble cause below:

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