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Public Art League is merging with 40 North

The Public Art League (PAL), a non-profit in C-U that installs and promotes public art in the community, has announced they will be merging with 40 North. Per their email blast, which you can read below, PAL will now receive “financial and operational governance” from 40 North.

From the Public Art League’s email:

Dear Friend of the Public Art League,

To say 2020 was a challenging year is an understatement. So many disruptions and changes to our urban lifestyle and experience!

Although the Public Art League was compelled to take a low-profile like so many others in the community, we were able to continue advancing the PAL mission with the installation of two new sculptures located in the Carle at The Fields, and, the renewal of leases for other existing sculptures.

Sadly, the strong winds of change were too much for Flamenco Revisited at Porter Family Park in Champaign. Damage to the sculpture required returning it to the artist thus ending its run in a prominent corner of southwest Champaign.

As we emerge from these turbulent times, the power of the arts to lift our spirits and spark new beginnings has never been more potent. And so it is with excitement that I announce a new partnership between 40 North and the Public Art League.

Beginning in 2021, 40 North will provide financial and operational governance for the Public Art League. I believe combining these operational synergies under 40 North’s Board of Directors will continue advancing public art in our community. This collaboration will prove true the adage that we are stronger together than when we are apart.

I am grateful for all the support you have given over these past eleven years. And I hope you are excited for the years ahead. I know that with your continued support, together, PAL and 40 North will put art on every corner!

Very truly yours,

David B. Wilcoxen, President

Public Art League

Top image of Craig Snyder’s “Tip-See” by Anna Longworth.

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