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PSA: You can recycle your styrofoam at Dart Corp for free

I try everyday to be more aware of what I’m throwing away and more importantly, where I’m throwing the garbage away. It’s easy to recycle paper and plastic, but not so easy for other things, like styrofoam. I’ve always thought styrofoam to be a product that you couldn’t recycle and was destined to be in a land fill. Turns out, that’s not the case. 

The Keep Champaign Beautiful Facebook page is promoting an easy (and free!) way to recycle that annoying styrofoam that we can never seem to get rid of. Now we have no reason or excuse to throw away our styrofoam!

Check out the graphic and instructions below on how to recycle your styrofoam:

Dart Corporation (formerly SoloCup)
1505 E Main St., Urbana

(Go east to Lierman Ave – use the ‘Shipping Dept.’ entrance)

  • Make sure foam has the #6 chasing arrow on it
  • Only CLEAN (rinsed and wiped) food/beverage or block foam accepted (no packaging peanuts)
  • Remove straws, lids, tape or any other non-foam material
  • Deposit foam into clear translucent bags provided onsite, tie securely, and place bag in wheel cart

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