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Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz campaign fundraiser to be hosted in Monticello

From the desk of Tom Kacich at The News-Gazette earlier this week, it was announced that Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is running for President in 2016, will be making an appearance in Monticello:

The first presidential campaign event of the 2016 campaign in central Illinois will occur later this month when U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz — the first announced presidential contender — comes to Monticello.

The Texas Republican will be at a $1,000 a plate dinner on Tuesday, April 21, at the home of Drs. Barbara and James Kammer in Monticello.

“I don’t know him,” said Barbara Kammer. “This has grown out of some interest on the part of one of my children. Anyway, it’s grown into quite an adventure.”

With good weather, she said, the reception could include as many as 60 guests.

“It’s exciting,” she said, “because we don’t have this caliber of political candidate in our area very often.”

Being included on the host committee would cost a donation of $25,000. Attending the VIP reception before the dinner goes for $2,700 per person.

I have a few questions:

$1,000 a plate? $2,700 for “VIP”? Sure, I get it — this is a fundraising event. But still, yikes.

Dr. Barbara Kammer — you don’t know him personally, or you don’t know of him?

$25,000 to be a host for this type of thing. Whoa. Again, fundraising!

If you aren’t familiar with Senator Cruz, this might entertain you a bit after learning that he’s running for President.

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