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Prairie Rivers Network challenges Rep. Rodney Davis to host an in-district town hall meeting

It’s no secret that our U.S. Representative Rodney Davis has been missing from Illinois’ 13th District lately, whether it be digitally over social media, at his office or even via his official phone numbers/email addresses (which we have called incessantly, asking for an interview). It even prompted us to ask “Where’s Rodney?” earlier this week.
Well today, there is an official invitation to Rep. Davis, extended by the Prairie Rivers Network, to come to the 13th and hold a town hall meeting with us, his consituents, revealed yesterday via their Facebook Page.
If you are a constituent who shares the same clean water concerns as the PRN, or are curious why Rodney won’t answer any of our questions, feel free to reach out to him. He does work for us, after all. Rep. Davis can be reached at:
(202) 225-237 or via email here.
A description of Prairie Rivers Network, as well as the Facebook post asking to call the meeting, can be found below: 
Prairie Rivers Network promotes the restoration of polluted rivers and the preservation of pristine rivers – with the goal of safeguarding resources for future generations.

We work for native river populations of fish and riverside wildlife, as well as rivers able to function as floodwater protection and rivers providing safe drinking water.

We are Illinois’ only statewide river conservation organization, and the state affiliate of National Wildlife Federation (


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