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Polling place changes and a call for emergency election judges

Voting is still going to happen today and tomorrow, though there have understandably been some changes to voting locations. Early voting is encouraged to avoid as much contact with others as possible. You can find locations and hours here.

  • Clark Lindsey-Urbana: voters will now go to St Matthew Lutheran Church, Urbana
  • The Glenwood-Mahomet: voters will now go to Elk’s Pavilion at Lake of the Woods, Mahomet
  • Eagle View Retirement Home-Rantoul: voters will now go to the Gathering Place, Rantoul
  • Cohen Hillel Center: voters will now go to the Illini Union or the ARC
  • University YMCA: voters will now go to the Illini Union or the ARC

**UPDATE: These polling place location have also changed.

  • (new) Edge-Scott Fire Department: voters will now go to Brookens Admin Center
  • (new) Steer Place Community Room: voters will now go to Brookens Admin Center
  • (new) Ogden Rose Library: voters will now go to St. Joe Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
  • (new) Tolono West Fire Station: voters will now go to Tolono Public Library
  • (new)  Free Methodist: voters will now go to Meadowbrook Church
  • (new) Carrol Fire: voters will now go to Brookens Admin Center

All other polling locations will remain open aside from the list above. City of Urbana polling location will remain open for voting but has change in access to the building. Please see info from Mayor Marlin:

Change in Access to City of Urbana Building Polling Place

Due to recent events regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a slight change regarding access to the City of Urbana building for purposes of voting in the primary election that will take place on Tuesday, March 17. Access to the City building for voting purposes will be restricted to the northeast entrance door (the side of the building closest to the tree sculpture and reflecting pool). This door typically serves as outside access for the UPTV studio, but it will be open for voters to gain entrance into the City Council chambers where polling will take place as usual.There will be signage directing voters to the proper door to enter and exit for polling purposes. Hours for the polling place to stay open will remained unchanged. Voters driving to the City Building should park in the north parking lot at the building and use the metered spots. Parking meters in the north parking lot will not be enforced on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

Change in Access to Urbana Free Library Polling Place

The auditorium will be set up for voting, which will be accessible from the Elm St entrance on Tuesday. There will be signs on all the doors as well directing everyone to use the Elm St. entrance.

Because so many election judges fall into risk categories, the Champaign County Clerk is holding emergency election judge trainings this afternoon and evening at Brookens. Each training will be limited to 20 people. You would then serve as a judge on Tuesday, election day, from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. The pay is $200. Only sign up to serve if you are:

  • under the age of 60
  • otherwise healthy with no underlying health issues or a compromised immune system
  • have the capacity to self-monitor yourself after the election for symptoms of COVID-19

Photo by Julie McClure.

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