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Plant Mode soon to be open in Furniture Lounge’s loft space

Per Plant Mode’s website:

Plant Mode had a very fun and successful time at The Made Fest last weekend, I mean really, it was a blast. So much energy and time went into the prep, the weekend was a blur. Now things are calm enough for me to think about the next move on the horizon for Plant Mode.

Starting this coming Saturday October 4th, Plant Mode will begin a 3 month stint at Furniture Lounge. Things may go on past January, but we are starting with a 3 month partnership to get things off the ground. And as Amanda from Furniture Lounge said, “it’s expected that Plant Mode will need to move into a larger space”, once one opens up in our fair downtown. 

Here are the logistics of Plant Mode in Furniture Lounge. 

Every Saturday I will be posted up in the rear lofted area of Furniture Lounge, selling the hell out of plants. Basically like a permanent Pop Up Shop. Amanda and or Scott will be holding down the fort at Furniture Lounge as they always do. These Hours will be 12-5pm.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday I will be at Furniture Lounge (as a Furniture Lounge Employee) This means customers of Furniture Lounge will be my first priority, but of course if you come to look at plants up in the rear loft area, I will be there to talk to you about it, and will be able to sell you plants.  These hours will be 12-4pm.

It’s like saying Plant Mode will be “open” Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays inside of Furniture Lounge. No plant sales on Thursday and Fridays. Sunday and Monday, you can purchase any plants that are in the loft space, but I will not be there to teach you about the plants. Really, I’d rather you come and buy plants when I”m there on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays….

This is Scott and Amanda as drawn by Carly…

The furniture that Plant Mode sells will not be at these Furniture Lounge hours, but still available at the Loft Space on Main street. The 8 Main street loft space location will also be where I will have client meetings and any after hours sales and appointments. This is a fluid situation, and we will work things out as we go along.

I will start to bring in a few larger plants, and a few lines of planters and such. In a week or two, there will be a mobile potting station, so you can have things planted up on the spot, or even bring in things to be planted up.

Furniture Lounge is located at 11 E University Ave, in downtown Champaign. South side of the street, next door to The Brass Rail (my favorite bar!)

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