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Participate in a band lottery to support the UP Center

Are you a musician? Have you ever been interested in starting up a band with a bunch of random people that you’ve never met before? Maybe you haven’t, but it still sounds like fun, right?

Take part in a local band lottery that will come together over the next month. It works like this: at a series of shows in December (and possibly January), different lotteries will take place. Participating musicians will put their names into a drawing, from which random groups will be selected. The newly formed bands are then tasked with putting together 10-15 minutes of original music, which will be performed at a Ghost Planet show on February 24th. At the band lotto show, donations taken at the door will go to benefit the UP Center of Champaign County, an LGBTQ support organization.

This event provides participants with the opportunity to get to know fellow members of the C-U musical community in a cooperative fashion, and support an excellent cause at the same time.  

See the event page for specifics, and make sure to check back there as more details unfold.

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