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Parkland College offering guitar course this Spring

Parkland College is offering Class Guitar this semester, and here are some reasons you should play the guitar:

  1. It’s one of the world’s most popular instruments. Millions of people play guitar, so you’ll always have a friend to play music with or somebody to help you learn to play a little better.
  2. A little guitar goes a long way. Learn how to play a few chords and a basic strum, and you’ll be able to play hundreds of songs.
  3. It’s incredibly versatile. Guitar styles range from classical to heavy metal to country to jazz. Almost any music that you enjoy can be played on the guitar.
  4. You can progress quickly. You can go from playing just a few chords and scales to more challenging music in a short period of time.
  5. It makes you instantly more attractive. Just kidding, but according to the Internet, there might actually be some truth to that!

Are you ready to play guitar? MUS 164, Class Guitar, starts February 2nd and meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-7 p.m. through May 5th. Beginners are welcome, as are more seasoned players who want to improve their playing.

We’ll explore a variety of musical styles from folk to rock to jazz, and build a solid foundation of overall musicianship studying guitar playing technique and music theory.

Register for MUS 164 by contacting the admissions office at or 217/351-2482, or visit them in Room U214.

[Young Kim teaches class guitar at Parkland College and leads the Parkland Guitar Ensemble.]

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