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Our very own Tom Ackerman has created a board game

Tom Ackerman, longtime contributor to Smile Politely (please spend some time reading his column “A Building, a Feeling, and a Latrine” as well as his other writing) created a board game that will be published by Chronicle Books this summer.

The game is called BlindFold, and is a party game for 2 to 6 players. Here is the description: “Using a shared piece of paper, write a word, draw a shape around it, and then manipulate the paper (through folding, unfolding, flipping, and tearing) to ensure that only your words are visible during scoring. Easy, right? Now try it blindfolded!”

You can preorder on the Chronicle Books website, or find it at book stores and game stores nationwide this summer. Check out the BlindFold Facebook page to track its development over the past few years, and stay updated on publishing information. 

Top image from BlindFold Facebook page.

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