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Oops – Rodney Davis sends out incomplete form letter

Many constituents here in Champaign-Urbana have been mad lately, and they’re mad because our congressman, Rodney Davis, has consistently ignored calls to converse with him from constituents who are concerned by a variety of issues, ranging from health care to immigration.

A common critique of Sir Rod is that he is notoriously absent from the constituent process, including sending the same basic ACA form letter to people, or ignoring their calls at his various offices. Today, we get a little bit of an inside look into Davis’ process, as his offices seems to have accidentally sent out an incomplete version of one of these letters to a constituent. I guess that’ll happen when you’re trying to automate the most important part of your job.

This isn’t an especially large knock on Rodney – he’s done worse and I’m sure a lot of legislators have to do this, especially when dealing with a large volume of constituents. I am sure, however, that things like recycled constituent concern letters contribute to Davis’ reputation as being out-of-touch with the 13th District, unlike, say, his predecessor Tim Johnson.

Among other things, the letter starts with the super-warm greeting of: “Letter begins here,” and follows that up with a short paragraph that doesn’t really say anything about policy, and then ends signed “D.” Strange times, everyone.

Feast your eyes on the letter, below:

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