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Officer Norbits back at work

Posted by Brian Dolinar on UCIMC last night:

Martel Miller and I spoke before Champaign City council tonight, December 1, 2009, in attempt to get an answer to rumors that Officer Daniel Norbits, who shot and killed Kiwane Carrington, is back on the job.

We saw Chief R.T. Finney pass a note to City Manager Steve Carter. After public comment, Carter addressed the audience and said that indeed Norbits was back at the office. Attempting to minimize the impact of the news, Carter said that Norbits was on “light duty”-he was in and out of the station doing routine office work, and wearing civilian clothes. Norbitz was still on administrative leave, Carter said in an odd act of double-speak, until the State’s Attorney released her decision regarding the state police report.

Also posted on the News-Gazette’s website this morning by Steve Bauer:

City Manager Steve Carter told the council and audience that Norbits continues to be on administrative leave but has “been in and out of the department” working on some unfinished projects. Norbitz was in civilian clothes and had no contact with the public, pending the release of the report.

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