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Neutral Cycle offering bike winterization

If you’re like me, you left your bike outside a couple of years ago for the entire Winter, and come Spring, it was ruined. Completely ruined.

Even if you’re not an idiot like me, Neutral Cycle is here to save you. Chances are bike winterization is a good idea for you if you plan on getting anywhere without a car for the coming months, and at $40 bucks, it’s a steal. Get all the details on the deal below:

Winter’s cold, snow, and salt aren’t exactly great for your bike, but if you take care of your bike, it will take care of you. Having a solid bike in not-so-solid weather will give you the confidence that no matter what it’s like outside, you’ll be able to get to class on time.

The most important step to winterizing your bike is to give it a full tune-up. By ensuring that your wheels, brakes, and derailleurs are in top shape before the cold hits, you can prevent small problems from becoming serious ones. Stop by Neutral Cycle and we’ll have our mechanics give your bike the full treatment for just $40.

If your bike is winterized, but you’re not, then be sure to check out Neutral’s winter gear.

And don’t forget, you can always swing by for free lube, air, and conversation.

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