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Neutral Cycle announces Bike Fit Program

Now that it’s getting warm, and you can actually go outside without your face hurting, it’s about time to get your bicycle out for the season, if you haven’t already. Along the way, you may find that a winter of non-use has left your bike in relatively bad shape.

That’s where Neutral Cycle’s new Bike Fit Program comes in, where they tune up your bike to custom specifications, all in one visit.

For more info, check out this description and interview with a Neutral customer, Elizabeth Bastian:

Neutral Cycle recently launched it’s Bike Fit program, giving community members and professional cyclists alike the same high quality custom fit to their bicycle. This service helps prevent injury, increase commuter’s comfort, strengthen race performance, and build perfect cycling form. This service has multiple levels depending on what you ride, how frequently you ride, and if you’d like to become a competitive cyclist.

1. How long have you been a cyclist?

I’ve been a serious cyclist for about 3 years, since I moved here. I grew up in Michigan just outside of Detroit, and mostly biked only to get to friends’ houses.

2. When did you decide to become competitive and/or serious about biking?

I moved here and sold my car 3 years ago. When I sold my car, I decided I was going to bike everywhere.

3. Why do you love biking?

I think about the Susan B Anthony quote about women on bicycles.
Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel…the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood. I love getting on the bike and feeling the wind in my hair. I feel so much better getting off my bike than I do getting out of my car.

4. What does you average cycling workout look like?

Mostly I ride to commute and get around town. I’ll get in touch with some friends and take a joyride around town, maybe take a brew tour. I’ll go on longer rides on the weekend.

5. How many miles do you clock a week?

50-60 miles per week. Mostly commuting. Definitely higher in the summer.

6. Have you ever suffered any injuries over the years biking?

Definitely some injuries from running over the years, never cycling. A lot of the time it would be one thing that would develop into another. I’d twist my ankle which would lead to hip pain or something similar. Mostly hip flexor issues.

7. How has getting the Trek basic hybrid women’s step-through bike changed the way you ride?

With it, I can go so much faster now. I thought ‘this is what biking is supposed to feel like’. I’ve always felt like I was a faster cyclist and now I can really keep up with anybody.

8. How has getting a Bike Fit changed the way you ride?

I feel much more comfortable riding after my fit. Small discomforts seem to have disappeared, and I feel much more confident on my bike.

9. Would you recommend a Professional Bike Fit to your fellow cyclists or even daily commuters?

Yes, I would totally recommend a bike fit to any kind of bike enthusiast! As a bike advocate, I think it is so important for people to feel comfortable and confident on a bike to begin to see it as a via means of transportation. A bike fit can be crucial to establishing that sense of security on a bike, and to eliminating the potential for discomfort. I mostly use my bike for commuting or for longer, easy-pace weekend rides in the area; but without the fear of pain after riding, I am so excited to try out more strenuous biking activities!

10. If you could cycle anywhere in the world where would it be?

My immediate thing that I’d like to do, maybe this summer, is the GAP trail greater allegheny something. Pittsburgh to DC, so it is definitely pretty doable. I’d like to ride the 101 someday. It’ll take a lot of hills training but I think I can get there. The bike is perfect for touring so I definitely want to take advantage of it!

11. What do you hope to achieve with the bike fit?

I would like to be more comfortable and confident on this bike. Going from my old bike to this was awesome but a little intimidating, so the knowledge that the bike is specifically fit for me will give me a lot of confidence.

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