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Nando Milano is offering free delivery

Look folks, I don’t mind cooking but I can’t do it every night. I am so very, very thankful to our local restaurants for adapting and finding ways to keep offering their delicious food for the community. One of my favorite things to do in C-U is go out to eat, and although the experience and ambience will not be there, the food (and in some cases drinks) will.

Nando is one of those places where the space enhances the experience. The interior is dark and cozy, and the patio is delightful. Unfortunately we can’t enjoy them right now, but we can enjoy their food. As many other restaurants are, they will be be doing takeout and curbside pickup

They are also offering free delivery to those within a five mile radius. They will deliver beyond that for a small surcharge. Expect an 18% gratuity that will go directly to their service staff and drivers, which is fine because you should be tipping anyway. Please tip as you’re able when you pick up food as well. 

If you need some wine to compliment your meal, you can order bottles for 30% off their regular price. 

Gift certificate purchases are also important right now. Nando is offering a deal on them:

$50 for a $65 gift certificate
$100 for a $125 gift certificate
$150 for a $200 gift certificate.

When I’m ready for fancy yet comforting meal, Nando is on my list. I might even do my hair and put on makeup to eat it. 

You can find the menu here, and call (217) 954-1439 between 3:30 and 9 p.m. to order. 

Photo by Anna Longworth.

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