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Nancy Blum, Brooklyn-based artist born in C-U, publishes free coloring pages

Nancy Blum, a Brooklyn-based artist born in Champaign, has an amazing portfolio of work to check out, including these incredible mosaics that exist in New York City’s subway stations. Pretty cool eh? In the wake of the pandemic, she’s released a collection of coloring pages, which you can download for free on her website. There are five sets available, featuring multiple ages in each, that you can download and complete as you see fit.

She talks a bit more about the project:

I always want my work to give the viewer a feeling of meditative calm. To take you a step further into my drawing process, I have posted line drawings in black and white, available as PDFs for free download. Each individual collection contains details from a much larger drawing whose original can be viewed under Drawings on this site. As you print and draw in the coloring pages feel free to share online #blumcoloringpages @nancy_blum

So, if you are doing these at home, tag and share them so she can see. That would be a nice way to support her work, no doubt.

Top images all by Nancy Blum.

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