Smile Politely

More mischief from Meyers

Prior to practice Monday, Illini supermen gathered in the Fortress of Solitude for a display of superhuman feats. Mike Tisdale fielded balls heaved from Section C by Meyers Leonard, and from Section B by Tyler Griffey.

Mike Davis wore a cape, and Jereme Richmond taped his superhuman feets.

Tyler was feeling fine two days after attempting to crack the floor of Read Fieldhouse with his bare head. The stitches come out in a week. Otherwise he’s fine. “It looked worse than it was.”

Meyers issued a challenge to the world at large. He says the Illini will kick anyone’s ass.

He invited all comers, any team to challenge them at Xbox Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Meanwhile, legitimate journalists asked “are you excited about the North Carolina game?” etc.


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