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Mix and match flavors for the perfect Italian Soda at Cafe Kopi

In the summertime, we’re not always interested in hot drinks. Some of us need coffee to function in the morning, and when it’s 90 degrees out, sometimes it’s more of a chore than anything to bring a hot coffee with us on our way to work. Sometimes local coffee shops are awesome and have cold press available, making our caffeine intake more palatable in the hot sun.

Other times, we’re just not into drinking coffee in the warm sun — chilled or not. So what do we do when we’re at a cafe and need something to quench our thirst and give us a little pick me up? We usually fall into the routine of ordering an iced tea or a lemonade. Both are classics and staples of summertime beverages. They’re fine, if not boring.

If you want to take a step out your comfort zone, though, you can head to Cafe Kopi and try an Italian Soda. Initially, that doesn’t lead to a very exciting connotation right off the bat. The word “soda” usually equates to thoughts of syrupy Coke products and the like. However, at Kopi, there’s options. 20 different flavors that you can mix and match to create your own glorious refreshment. Take this Kiwi-Strawberry combination, for instance. Those are two separate flavors mixed to create a pretty delicious and well-known flavor combo.

It’s a no-brainer to get in to Kopi this summer and test out different combinations to find the drink that will ultimately be your go-to when you’re not feeling coffee or tea.

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