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Meyer Produce knows how make a mojito with fresh mint

These hot days call for a cold cocktail. Why not add some fresh herbs from a local farmer’s garden? Molly Oberg from Meyer Produce shared a reel on the farm’s Instagram account showing how to make a mojito using fresh mint.

Oberg tells you what you need to make the drink and shows how to muddle the mint. She even says the Bacardi is optional, so those of you wanting a refreshing drink without the booze can still enjoy a fresh beverage with mint from a C-U garden.

You can find Meyer Produce at both the Urbana Market in the Square on Saturday mornings and the Champaign Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays from 3 to 6 p.m. Check out our Market Watch column for updates on the farmers’ markets.

Meyer Produce

Top image from Meyer Produce’s Instagram account.

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