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Market at the Square wins $15,000 grant

From a press release:

URBANA – Market at the Square, the City of Urbana’s weekly farmers’ market that has taken place at or near Lincoln Square Village since 1979, has been chosen as one of 28 Illinois farmers’ markets or food projects to receive grant funding from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant Program and the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Market at the Square will receive $15,000 in 2010 to promote a new initiative called “Eat Here”, onsite and online programming devoted to encouraging consumers to consider their local farmers’ market as a primary source of purchasing fresh, locally grown produce. All 28 programs awarded funds will be involved with projects supporting Illinois’ specialty crop industry.

“A major objective of Eat Here is to encourage eaters to use the Market as a primary place to shop for fresh, locally-grown produce, which we hope will result in increased sales for our growers and heightened awareness in the community of the importance of local produce at the farmers’ market,” says Market Director Lisa Bralts. “Our growers specialize in a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in season, and farmers’ markets are the only place where consumers can purchase that produce directly from the person who grew it.”

The advertising campaign will include radio, television, and newspaper advertising targeted at specific markets, as well as banners and printed materials to be available onsite at the Market. “Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, a blog, and other online tools will also be used to promote Eat Here, ” says Bralts. “We want to reach as many people as possible as many different ways as possible.”

Market at the Square will also offer Eat Here events once a month at the Market during the 2010 season. The first event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 15, 2010. The 2010 season begins Saturday, May 1.


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