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Manual Cinema, frequent visitor to KCPA, streams two performances to watch at home

I was first introduced to Manual Cinema at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts way back in December of 2018. Their unique combination of live puppet theatre, live music, and literary texts was one of the most dynamic collaborations I’ve ever seen. I find myself thinking about that night a lot. It was that good. It was joyful. Energizing. Insightful. Pretty much all the things we need more of these days. 

Fortunately, Manual Cinema has graciously opened up streaming of two of its performances, Ada/Ava, and, The Magic City, until April 19th. Donations are not required by are appreciated. Do yourself a favor and check these out.  They’ll remind you of what artists are capable of, what we are grateful for, and what we have to look forward to.

Top image: Photo of cardboard dandelions from miniature set. Photo from Manual Cinema website

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