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Look at this cool aerial photo of Brookens

Urbana Free Library posted this aerial photo of Brookens from 1973. According to the post, the building was Brookens Junior High from 1970 to 1980. Of course now it’s the home of Champaign County Administrative Offices. In the uncropped photo below, you can see Prairie Elementary, now Dr. Williams, to the east. 

A black and white aerial photo of a building with four hexagonal shaped components. It is in the middle of a large field. Another building is at the top of the photo. Photo from Urbana Free Library Facebook page.Photo from Urbana Free Library Facebook page.

When I see the unique shape of the building from this view, all I can think of is this, which probaby ages me. 

An orange hexagon shaped game with several blue hexagon shaped game pieces. The game pieces have white numbers on each side. Photo from Geeky Hobbies website.Photo from Geeky Hobbies website.

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