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Locally-made film, Consumed, now on Netflix

For all of us who missed the quickly-sold-out screenings of Consumed last fall, the thriller featuring Victor Garber and Danny Glover is now available to watch on Netflix. 

Produced by Brett Hays of Shatterglass Studios, and filmed locally in Champaign-Urbana, Consumed tackles the hot-button topic of GMO food and required exterior shots of America’s farmlands. 

Unlike another popular Netflix offering which is supposed to take place in Indiana, but strangely was filmed in Georgia, this suspenseful film will not jolt you out of the plot or action with its geographic inaccuracies.

(I know in my house, I was not the only one shaking my head and shouting “No shale quarries in Hoosier country!” or “There’s more than pine trees in Indiannnnna!”) 

Perhaps it’s too much to hope that having a film widely distributed on the internet platform may lead to more believable Midwestern settings in the future, but one can hope? Help the effort and stream the film that will make you feel right at home. 

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