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Local mini-doc highlights street art with artist Langston Allston

A few weeks ago we mentioned that Columbia Street Roastery was working with local artist Langston Allston on creating limited edition coffee bags. This week, C-U native Stacey Peters put together a short documentary with Allston that discusses the merits and struggles of being a street artist.

Peters had this to say about how this video came to life:

My instant thought was “why don’t more people know about this art?” It then grew into “why is street art still an under-appreciated art in most towns?” So I decided to make a video exploring the difference between the appreciation for gallery art and street art solely from a street artist’s (and my own) perspective.

Langston’s work is a true circuit of the CU and how much we have to give to the community whether it be the “Chef Ra” tribute mural, the Exile on Main Street ceiling art, the Flying Machine bike mural, and even any of the paintings/stencils/tags that can be seen in the beginning of the video. It all matters and enriches the daily lives of those who see it.

Check out the video here:

FOR THE PUBLIC: art in the shadows from Stacey Peters on Vimeo.

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