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Local Iggy Azalea metal cover collects some attention online

Local rock group Eriose, who released their first single this past January, has gotten a bit of traffic with a metal cover of Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy.” The video was posted Friday, the 23rd and was noticed the following day and shared by metal websites Metal Sucks and Metal Injection, who posted an article saying, “this is proof these damn things need to stop.”
Eriose is made up of locals Alexandra Wilson, Brendan Summers, and Zakk Burke, musicians who share similar tastes. They felt the song would be fun to cover in part because of it’s contentious nature. “We knew we would have a consistent balance of people who enjoy it, and people who would hate it,” Wilson said.
The response has been varied as far as their press and the ensuing youtube comments. “When I woke up to a text saying ‘We’re featured on Metalsucks and Metal Injection,’ I didn’t exactly know how to respond,” said Summers. “I obviously wanted our cover to do well, but I didn’t expect it to get picked up by such biased communities. It was exciting because it was spreading like wildfire, but at the same time it was terrifying due to all the extreme criticism. Either way, I was very happy to have our work spreading around the Internet at such a ridiculous rate.”
Their video received over 11,000 views on Saturday and is currently sitting at upwards of 22,000.

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