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Local barista turns rapper

Food is the 5th album by local hip hop artist Don Con. You may know him as Landon Stark, barista and coffee artist at Aroma Cafe. He’s the one sporting the Chicago Bulls gear all of the time and pouring up some super cute foam art in your cappuccino. He’s more than that, though. He also slays the mic on the reg and he’s got an album that’s just released and it’s all about food. The track list is below. Listen to the whole album for free in the post below or at this link: Food | Don Con


1. Donald Nuggets 02:54
2. Mac and Cheese (Let it Sizzle) 02:35
3. The Rule of the Law of the Land 02:20
4. Pepperoni 02:40
5. Wieners Interlude 00:54
6. White Bread 03:40
7. One Wash 02:34
8. Eating Store Brand Cheese Crackers 00:30
9. Bacon and Ham 01:48
10. RUBADUBDUB (Yo So Thug) 03:44
11. Chug Break 00:26
12. King of the Cookie 02:13
13. Eating What I Want 02:50
14. Pizza Rolls 02:28

Image artwork by Andrew

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