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Listen to “Sinister Webs”, a new recording by HUM’s Matt Talbott

Matt Talbott and HUM have been pretty busy as of late: Working on finishing up the new HUM record, Talbott going on solo tours, and HUM performing from time to time (this one is coming up soon). 

Talbott has released a rough cut of a new song “Sinister Webs (rough mix)”, which will appear on his forthcoming album, due next Spring. The song was recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio earlier this month. Check out Talbott on tour if you are able.

Here’s what Talbott wrote on his Bandcamp page:

A fader up rough mix of one song from the forthcoming album. Recorded live to analog tape, with no overdubs and no processing at mix down. This is a fundraiser, of sorts, for further recording. Gifts above the $2 asking price are, thus, thankfully accepted. Full-length album coming in Spring 2020.

Album art from Talbott’s Bandcamp page

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