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Kirtan with Maha Karuna Group – FREE Community Event!

Join musical group Maha Karuna for a celebration of life and spirit through an evening of Kirtan! A devotional chanting practice from the tradition of Bhakti Yoga, Kirtan is a kind of nondenominational ‘call and response’ sing-along that has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention. We will begin with an explanation of what Kirtan is, followed by music! We will chant together and support our connection with each other and the divine within us. Kirtan is a sung meditation in the universal language of the spirit – the song of the soul. Attendees are invited to bring along percussion instruments like shakers, drums, and cymbals to join in!

Free community event! Sign up online or at the studio.

Maha Karuna (which means great compassion) is comprised of Urbana residents Lorraine Finkel, Nathaniel Ruiz, and Dada Veda. A Puerto Rican native and long-time student of Buddhism, Yoga, and Ayurveda, Lorraine is also a singer, pianist, and songwriter. Nathaniel Ruiz studied clarinet at the School for Performing Arts in Cincinnati and the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. Nathaniel performs regularly with his group the Jazz Clarinet Revival. Dada Veda is a monk in the Ananda Marga tradition. He is also a singer-songwriter, meditation teacher, author, and social activist. Lorraine and Nathaniel recently returned from an extended visit to India and they are excited to share their experiences with others!

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