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KAM’s and Jarling’s Custard Cup, together as one as this tiling is revealed

KAM’s has closed. RIP KAM’s. May its legacy live in minds of all who experienced it, warts an all. They are already dismantling the building it seems, which is sad in a variety of capacities. Though they will be rebuilding another version of KAM’s on First and Green, things won’t be quite the same, but so it goes in this life.

All that being said, here’s an interesting tidbit unearthed by Cary Frye about the establishment as it begins to be torn down. Check out the photo below, which features panels that have been torn off of the front, which interestingly enough features a tiling pattern behind the blue and orange panels which resemble the same tiles at Jarling’s Custard Cup.

Coincidentally enough, as we’ve found through some commentary, KAM’s and Jarling’s shared ownership at one point, and certainly there are a ton of hidden gems that will hopefully be unearthed as the establishment comes down.

Photos by Cary Frye

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