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KAM Lab Instagram page invites creative interactions

The education team at Krannert Art Museum has created the KAM Lab Instagram page in response to limitations on gathering in groups to discuss works in the museum. Education Coordinator Kamila Glowacki says, “we created the KAM Lab account as a way to sustain, reinvent, and document our work while directly engaging with people. The medium of Instagram allows us to have conversations, share things quickly, and respond to what is happening in the world.”

It will be a virtual space to make creative connections between KAM staff, students, and the community. According to the website, KAM Lab will:

  • curate digital collections of artworks at Krannert Art Museum that increase the representation of diverse populations, highlight interdisciplinary collaborations, and explore what is sparked from unexpected juxtapositions
  • incorporate, amplify, and support communities in Champaign-Urbana and make space for voices new to KAM
  • recognize the power of storytelling
  • pose questions in relation to our artworks, our museum, and our communities
  • create a virtual space to connect and engage with audiences, especially as opportunities for physical gatherings are unstable

Image from KAM Lab Instagram page.

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