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July flight plan at Flying Machine Coffee

Well, July is here, and we almost have outdoor seating. There is some other stuff happening, too. 

Local cold pressed Italian soda. 

Every week, we are picking up some fresh fruits from Urbana’s Market at the Square and making some great syrups. Here is some stuff you can look for this month: peaches, blackberry, apricots, plum, blueberry, and hopefully some melon. We might toss some veggies in the mix, too. 

New coffee coming soon!

Some coffee to look out for on the menu soon includes some great El Salvadorian coffee. We will have a great single origin espresso from Halfwit Coffee. And our good buddies at Dark Matter Coffee will be getting a bunch of El Sal coffee from the farms they visit a couple times a year. So you can expect some really great stuff over the next few months. 

Halfwit coffee visit and cupping event. 

On July 15th, our buddies from Halfwit Coffee in Chicago are coming down to cup their current roster of coffees with us. It is an open event to all, it should be really fun, and very informative. Just RSVP at our Facebook event page

Josh Lucas, Flying Machine Coffee

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