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Job cuts at WILL, no more local weather

An excerpt from an announcement on WILL’s website:

Illinois Public Media General Manager Mark Leonard announced today steps the organization’s leadership will take to address ongoing budget concerns and ensure that Illinois Public Media is sustainable in a new financial and technological environment. Changes include:

  • Elimination of nine staff positions
  • Phasing out the weather department, resulting in the elimination of in-house forecasts for WILL Radio and WILL-TV. Weather reports and severe weather coverage will continue, provided by regular radio staff using National Weather Service information.
  • A change in format for WILL-FM, which will become a dual-format radio station April 1, adding news programs from National Public Radio to its classical music line-up, while expanding classical music on the weekends and retaining its locally produced music programs
  • Shifting WILL-AM staff responsibilities to provide more in-depth coverage of local issues, informed by outreach projects in the community
  • Addition of three staff positions, including a Web developer, in critical areas or areas with potential for revenue growth

Leonard will appear on WILL-AM’s Focus 580 at 11: 06 a.m. Monday, Feb. 15, to take questions from listeners about the changes. The Illinois Public Media Web site at has a list of frequently asked questions with more information.

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