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Jarling’s Custard Cup named best ice cream shop in Illinois by Business Insider

All kinds of lists happening over the past 24 hours, this time from Business Insider, which put together a list of “The best ice cream shops in every state”. The publication listed Champaign’s own Jarling’s Custard Cup as the “best” for Illinois:

ILLINOIS: Jarling’s opened in Champaign in 1983 as a full-service soda fountain and desserts destination. The flavors are traditional, and the shop also specializes in waffles (with or without ice cream).

We’re obviously fans of Jarling’s because it is kind of the best (and the worst). So on that accord, congrats to Jarling’s — they are, afterall, a C-U institution.

We will say though — isn’t an ice cream shop, more like an ice milk shop, and definitely not custard.

A House of Lies, if you will.

Thoughts? Agree or disagree? What other stops in Illinois are worth discussing?

Photo by Jess Hammie. h/t to Visit Champaign for the tweet.

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