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Japan House teams up with Illini Hillel for tea ceremony April 23rd

On April 23rd, Japan HouseIllini Hillel, and Champaign-Urbana Jewish Federation are uniting to bring the community a Japanese tea ceremony that incorprates not one, but two cultures. Judaiasm and Japenese culture are two distinct cultures, with rich histories and are typically not talked about in the same context.

The hope of this tea ceremony is to showcase the interesections of Japanese and Jewish cultures. UIUC student Itamar Allali will be sharing his experiences from his trip to Japan with the American Jewish Committee. Following the presentation about Judaism in Japan there will be a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony performed by Itamar.

Both events are free and open to the public. No tickets are needed to attend the talk, but free tickets need to be reserved for the tea ceremony. You can reserve your tickets here. All particpants will receive a bowl of matcha tea and a Japanese sweet.

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